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Advance details and dates for upcoming meetings and news and events in the family history scene. Download recent newsletters.

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Meetings are at Marmong Point Community Hall. Details on when and where, how to get there and what you will expect. Visitors are most welcome.


The Group has a growing collection of resources for use by members and visitors. Research facilities are available for non-members.


Products and publications made by the Group and details of what is available at our bookstall.


Details of Group Library holdings held at Marmong Point Community Hall.


Membership is available now. Funds are used to purchase materials and to promote the interests of members.


Names and areas of interest being researched by members.


Useful resources and searchable database links.

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Access to past issues of the Group's journal The Chronicle and other useful information.
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About Us

The inaugural meeting of the Lake Macquarie Family History Group was held on 21 April 1999. A Website was created in October 2001 with sponsorship from Pacific Internet. From January 2007 the Group established its own organisation domain name and funds the Group's site hosting and email facilities. A facebook page was established in September 2019 followed by a Blog page in June 2020.

The Group is run by a management team along with members serving in various ancillary positions. They are elected at the annual general meetings of members held in the August meeting. The management team from August 2023 comprises;

PresidentvacantJill Ball
Vice PresidentJenny MyersJan Butcher
SecretaryValda OwenRobert Eldridge
Ass. SecretaryWarren OliverUnita Fleischer
TreasurerKaren EldridgeJean Jones
Rosemary Tytherleigh

Family History

What is family history? How many questions do you have regarding your ancestor? Would you like to know not only who they were but also what they looked like? Are you interested in learning of where they lived and the type of house in which they resided? Are you curious about their employment, their lifestyle and the historical, social economic and geographical settings for that period of time?

Involvement in family history research enables questions such as these to be answered. The ever increasing number of people participating in this hobby is a testament to the rewards that can be gained and the friendships that can be made.

Local family history groups do not limit themselves to researching families in their own local areas. Members can be found researching their family origins from areas as diverse as outback Australia to Austria, from Sydney Town to Dublin City, from Jamaica to China and all places in between.

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