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Application for Membership

Name/s:(first) __________________________________    (last) ___________________________________   

               __________________________________           ___________________________________   
Email: __________________________________________ Birth Year:(for insurance purposes) _________   

Postal Address: _______________________________________________________________________________   

                ___________________________________________________    Post Code: _____________   

Home Phone No:  ________________________  Mobile No/s: ________________________________________   

                Return the completed application to the above address (email preferred).          

Annual membership subscription   Single: $30 [ ]  Joint: $40 [ ] (a common address is required)   

Pro-rata joining fees apply throughout the year and renewals are due by 1st July each year.       
An invoice will be sent after an application is approved. Payment by cash, cheque or EFT.         


* I am just starting to research my family history. No  [ ]    Yes  [ ]                           
* My main research focus areas are (e.g. Scotalnd, convicts, DNA, building a Family tree etc);    
* Websites I mainly use for research (e.g. Ancestry, My Heritage, Family Search, Google etc);     
* My own Family Tree is:                                                                          
   [ ] Online ie Ancestry, My Heritage etc __________________________________________________     
   [ ] Offline ie Legacy, FTM etc ___________________________________________________________     
   [ ] Pen and paper or [ ]  I haven't started a tree yet.                                        
*  I have done a DNA test   No [ ]   Yes [ ] with  __________________________________________     
*  I wish to apply for membership of the LMFHG Facebook discussion group. [ ]                     


Our group is run exclusively by members volunteering their time. Without them, the group would    
not function. If you can assist with any of the following it would be a great help.               

library    [ ]       proofreading   [ ]         events    [ ]       hospitality    [ ]       
research   [ ]       technology     [ ]         website   [ ]       hall set up    [ ]       

Acknowledgement and Authorisation                                                                 

* I agree to be bound by the provisions of the Group's constitution, by-laws and/or standing      
    resolutions and for my personal information to be used only for official Group business.         

* I understand that the information provided will be used to assess my application and create     
    my membership and my application may not be processed if information is not provided.             

* I understand that I may access my personal information upon request.                            

* I understand that the Group may publish photographs of its members. By signing this             
    application form I consent to the publication of such photographs unless I have advised           
    the President in writing that I do not consent to such publication.                               

Signature: _______________________________________          Date: __________________               

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